Temporary reprieve for companies affected by the health crisis.

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The numerous crisis measures taken against the spread of the COVID-19 virus have hit the economy hard. Companies' cash reserves are obviously limited and the total or partial disappearance of their income may threaten their continuity. Measures taken to relieve business cash flow (see our article here) are not always enough to ensure their continuity. Moreover, [...]

Webinar 10 April 2020 – COVID 19: Government measures and labour law

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This April 10, Quentin de Bournonville from our firm, will participate alongside Rozemie Defrancq (Lightspeed HQ) and Dominique Stiennon (Hour Online) at the first webinar organized by Lightspeed HQ This webinar will give you all the information you need to carry out the administrative procedures that can help you and your business in these difficult times. [...]

How can the judicial reorganisation procedure help my company through the crisis?

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In the crisis we are going through, many viable companies are at risk of having their continuity temporarily shaken, despite the measures taken by the public authorities. These companies will ultimately find an ally in the judicial reorganization process (PRJ) by collective agreement. This procedure results in the suspension of forced sales and bankruptcy proceedings for [...]

Explainer video of the Law of March 27, 2020 (state guarantee)

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Two days ago, on 1 April, the law of 27 March 2020 on the state guarantee came into force. This is a law with special powers empowering the government to grant a state guarantee up to a maximum amount of EUR 50,000,000,000 to guarantee credits to companies as part of the fight against the economic consequences [...]

Aides aux entreprises en cette période de crise sanitaire (COVID-19)

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télécharger une version pdf ici La crise sanitaire que nous sommes en train de vivre a des impacts très négatifs sur l'économie et énormément d'entreprises belges en souffrent. Heureusement, en Belgique, il existe des dispositions qui permettent aux entreprises (au sens large) de bénéficier de régimes favorables. Si certaines de ces dispositions existaient déjà avant la [...]

Continuity of Public services: Apply for a single licence

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Even in times of crisis, such as the one we are experiencing (COVID-19), the State must guarantee the continuity of public service and therefore adapt it. Due to containment measures, it is no longer necessary to go to the appropriate authority to file applications for a single permit or work permit. These can now be done [...]