Knowledge Portal Access

Most of the content available on the knowledge protal will require a prior registration as visitor.  Said registration does not imply a client-lawyer relationship.

Customer Web access

The Customer Web access gives access of our clients to their files.  Access to this part of the website requires a preexisting client-lawyer’s relationship. No online registration is possible as this requires a confict of interest check and the signature of an engagement letter.

Client may use this interface to follow up any new developments in their files and/or to send us documents.

Login to the portal

You do not need to be a client to request access to this part of the website. We must however validate your request. When connected, you can navigate though are website and access various parts based on the level permissions. In case you would wish to expand your access please contact us.

In order to access the Customer Web access, click on the green Login button above, and insert your login and password. If needed, we will provide you with these data upon request. Please note that you can access this part only if you have been provided login and password by us. When connected, click in the icon “Files” and select your file. After a new tab opens, click on “Documents” and all the available documents will appear in chronological order. To read the documents more easily, they can be classified by category via “toggle hierarchy / list”.