Features of the knowledge portal

Each topic has been assigned at least one category based on the taxonomy of this site, which declines the meaning of the four fundamental dimensions of the firm.  These dimensions are expressed in the name of our firm. They are Enterprise, Energy, Extraneity and Empowerment.  Correspondingly, there are four main categories.

Essentially, the taxonomy corresponds to the different legal matters handled by the firm.  The categories corresponding to these legal matters. Under the first three main categories are the fields of laws.  Under the Empowerment category are essentially a description of certain aspects related to our services, the history and mission of the firm as well as current news alerts.

Each category has its own page, which concentrates all the associated files.  Category pages function as microsite dedicated to the category of the same name (see an example).

The search function allows you to search for any keyword throughout the site.  The search function is accessible via the search bar in the general menu or in the side bar of the category pages.

It is possible to combine topic and category types on this panel.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to combine the keyword search with the category and topic type search.

You can compare topics of the same type with each other.  You can select up to three topics of the same type at the same time.  If you want to compare more, you must first empty the comparator.

This comparison is especially relevant for topics for which the data is structured in subgroups.  For example, for corporations (Click here to view an example).

You can mark your preferred topics as favorite.  You can access your favorites from your personal account page.

From time to time, while consulting the site, you will come across a contextual questionnaire.  These questionnaires are used to contextualize the display of available content according to parameters you select, and thus make the site more user-friendly.  This can sometimes make it possible to concentrate on the same page information available in different places in the Knowledge Base.

This is where you can keep track of all your content (favorites, saved and sent questionaires, orders).

The web has currently become an important source of information to varying degrees.  In several places, we suggest a number of references from sources that we consider to be trustworthy.

A number of standard legal documents may be available on our platform, free of charge or not, depending on the level of access (publication is currently postponed).

Other features are currently under development. One of them concerns the preparation of a Project Definition, which is an essential step in the preparation of an alternative pricing plan. Another feature is the use of questionnaires to allow our customers to transfer information to us – they will be able to prepare the information at their convenience and save it on their personal space before sending it to us once they are ready.  We would like to allow visitors to sort the topics saved in their accounts according to their own tags.

Beyond these few ideas, for the most part, legal content should be posted on the website.  We could develop more widely the offer of available document templates.

Any suggestion, please contact us.

Please note that this knowledge portal is still under development.


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