The General Assembly of the ASBL

The general assembly of an ASBL is composed of its effective members. It determines the general framework of the ASBL’s activities, which are then implemented by the Board of Directors.


The General Assembly is composed of the members of the ASBL.

Before each meeting of the General Assembly, all members are convened in accordance with the rules laid down by law.

Members who are absent on the day of the general meeting may be represented by a proxy, another member or a third party if the articles of association so authorise. The absent member shall give a proxy to vote in accordance with his instructions.


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The general meeting shall be convened :

  • every year, at the latest within six months of the end of the financial year, to approve the annual accounts ;
  • whenever at least 1/5th of the members request it;
  • whenever one of the competences reserved for it must be exercised;
  • when the auditor convenes it (if applicable).

The members and directors are convened to the General Assembly by the Board of Directors itself at least 15 days before the date of the meeting. If the statutes so provide, associate members may be invited to attend the general meeting as well.

For more information on the formalities for convening the General Assembly, please see our dedicated article (in French).

Required majorities

In the absence of a statutory provision to the contrary, each member has one vote [1].

At so-called “ordinary” meetings, i.e. annual general meetings at which the annual accounts are approved, decisions are taken by an absolute majority, except in cases where the statutes provide for stricter majorities.

At so-called “extraordinary” meetings, decisions are taken either by a 2/3 or 4/5 majority of the votes, or sometimes unanimously, depending on the decision voted on. Attendance quorums are also stricter than at ordinary meetings.


[1] Article 9:17, CSA

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