Graphically represent your processes

Thanks to its experience and its members’ abilities in legal design, our firm is able to put its “visual” skills at the service of its clients.

We can thus create customized visuals for our clients.  The purpose of custom visuals is essentially to explain a legal document that we create for our client.  The recipients of these custom-made visuals are sometimes our clients’ partners, sometimes their own clients or members of their staff.

For example, our clients have recently appreciated the creation of visuals aimed at providing an overview of:

  • the essential elements of a contract under negotiation; when the contract was finalized, the visual was adapted to reflect the final version.  Thus, the customer keeps a visual giving him an overview of the essential provisions of the contract.
  • a privacy notice, intended for the users of the persons concerned by a data processing.
  • a contractual process.
  • a legal mechanism, under negotiation.
  • a “customer journey” (carried out at the request of the customer, in parallel with the drafting of a customer contract).

Other applications of customized visuals consist of:

  • the realization of interactive visuals, consisting in adding hypertext links on visuals.  For example, the “customers update” area of the knowledge portal is designed to host visuals created for our customers, linking them to content available on the online knowledge database.
  • the realization of a visual contract.  In this case

Many examples of visuals can be found on the page referenced below in the links.


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