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This covers any of the corporate paperwork required or useful under the Company and Association Code, a.o:

  • establishment and update of shareholders’ and bondholders’ registers
  • assistance in convening, organising and holding of the board of directors’ meetings including the drawing-up of the minutes of the meetings
  • assistance in convening, organising and holding the annual general meeting of the shareholders approving the annual accounts
  • assistance in convening, organising and holding the extraordinary general meetings, as well as the related meetings of the board of directors/managers
  • assistance for the provision of part-time employees
  • provision of day-to-day corporate formalities in line with the Belgium law in force and follow-up on any legal formalities
  • communication with supervisory bodies, where applicable
  • additional full range of services to the company in order to comply with local regulatory requirements and formalities (business licenses, etc.)
  • providing (sworn or rough) translation

If you wish to set up a corporate housekeeping policy, please consult this page


Published on 03 July 2019
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