Adopt a corporate housekeeping policy

We provide our client with Corporate Management assistance in respect of their corporate housekeeping policy.   

Corporate Housekeeping refers to anything that relates to legal documents maintenance throughout their life cycle, from the moment they are being outlined until the moment they are no longer required to be stored under applicable rules.

When a business develops, opens new points of sales, buys other companies and or engage in new business applications, the number of companies, jurisdictions individuals involved tend to multiply and complexify.  Maintaining legal documents in this context is a real challenge. But it doen’t have to be a hassle, if it is approached correctly.


We place lawyers at your disposal to enable you to ensure that your company is in full compliance with applicable legal provisions.

We act upstream, providing templates adapted to your company but also downstream, limiting the risks related to past mistakes, in particular by correcting them when possible.

We connect a high-end blockchain technology with state-of-the-art visuals for you to share the way forward accross to your team!

Why investing in a corporate housekeeping policy ?

  • Maintain a central database of essential data and documents of each company of the group

  • Organize and supervise compliance centrally

  • Prepare a group for a due diligence in view of a possible transfer

  • Onboard legal managers efficiently

  • Empower your teams

What is it to be found in a corporate housekeepting policy?

  • Data about essential or useful legal facts, acts and processes

  • Guidelines to be followed through legal documents life cycles

  • Staff members roles and responsibilities

  • Corporate Management tools

  • Document templates.

Corporate Management Tools

Various tools can help facilitate organization, communication and coaching around a policy.  They vary widely.

  • Document repositories

  • A written policy, which can take various forms.

  • Visual & graphics, with applications such as a companies tree

  • Corporate Management and other softwares

  • Learning management software, including courses, quizzes & evaluations

What do you start with ?

  • Identify the corporate management objectives

  • Take a snapshot of the group’s corporate management practices & legal framework knowledge

  • Consider financial, time, staff & tool resources.

Our approach

  • Initial posting of an e².law lawyer with the company

  • Work together with an inhouse corporatehousekeeping officer

  • Start basis should be what is existing within the group.

  • Primary focus on assessing existing practices & tools

  • Step by step policy evolution and implementation

  • Choose the most adapted policy format

  • Gamify the process

  • Expand the collaboration to other services

What we can help you with

  • Assistance with the initial scope assessment

  • Project management and implementation

  • Coordinate with local counsels (incl. out of our network)

  • Produce policy content

  • Review and add templates

  • Choice and implementation of tools (including. softwares)

  • Provide classroom or LMS staff training

  • Pre- & Post-completion audits

  • Physical and digital filing

  • Travelling to collect documents


A step by step approach is designed based on the scope assessment

We help you with the scope assessment

To get started, a simple folder architecture in a traditional folder environnement

can often do the job very well

We can prepare custom made visuals where this can help engage your learners

We can post visuals on a website and connect them with web content

This visual represents a policy. Clicking on a frame opens a distinct page on which text content is displayed.

We can craft restricted access tailormade courses in our LMS

View sample course
Take a quizz now!Take a quizz now!

To assess whether your team members have assimiliated information, quizzes can be used

Please note that the availability of this service may depend on the availability of a team members for a posting. There is only a limited number of assignments we can accept at the same time.  Scheduling can be key to service availabity.

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