Have a legal document drafted by a lawyer

Designing and bringing legal documents to life.

Drafting” refers to assisting in the preparation and amendment of any company document, whether contracts, codes of conduct, company statutes or procedural documents.

Our drafting assistance facilitates the drawing up and amendment of any company document. This requires a specific set of skills: fluency in the working language, synthesis ability, common sense and an in-depth knowledge of the law (taking into account the specific sector of activity) and the contractual environment of the company. Read more.

We put our skills to your service, to draft agreements, or memorandum outlining structured advices directed at your team or at your business partners. These documents can be formatted in various ways.

We draft all your legal documents in order to manage your relationships with your partners, suppliers, customers, collaborators, etc. A good agreement is the assurance of a healthy collaboration.

Some believe that the drafting of complete legal documents is not an absolute necessity. However, it is essential!  For example, in the context of legal due diligence, it is not uncommon for the potential buyer to refuse to acquire the company because of poorly drafted contracts (= legal risk).

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