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Welcome to this portal, which serves informational purpose. We wish you a very pleasant experience.

From time to time, e².law laywers may refer you to part of this content against the background of a legal advice.

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About our knowledge base

This website hosts an open access legal knowledge base. It consists of a series of linked sections. Visuals are associated here and there. Some visuals are interactive for a more user-friendly experience.

This knowledge base aims to capitalise on the experience gained by the company to :

  • improving access to legal information;
  • fight against the perception that the litigant may have of the law as something unpleasant;
  • offer an innovative legal service based on the technological possibilities of digitisation;
  • provide our clients who wish to learn (more) for themselves from qualitative information sources;
  • Structure the collective learning of the members of the firm around a common platform (permanent training notes, research carried out in the files, etc.) on which to draw during the following assignments;
  • have a reflection of the company’s activity and know-how.

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La durée de la convention de confidentialité

The question of the duration of the confidentiality agreement is not an easy one. The disclosing party will generally want the confidentiality of the information transmitted to be guaranteed in perpetuity.  The problem is that a perpetual obligation is contrary to the principles of civil law . In addition, some authors point out that such an option would also be [...]

October 30th, 2023|

Employee liability

Article 1382 of the Civil Code, which is the basis of the civil liability regime, provides that any person who causes damage to another person through his fault is obliged to compensate the victim for the damage suffered. There is one important exception to this rule in employment law. Article 18 of the law of 3 July 1978 on employment [...]

October 26th, 2023|

Arbitration clause and provisional measures

By including an arbitration clause in a contract, the courts and tribunals of the judicial system are no longer competent to hear any dispute between the parties in relation to this contract. This principle is unanimously recognised internationally. The arbitration clause does not, however, prevent the granting of provisional or protective measures by the State judge before the arbitral tribunal [...]

March 21st, 2023|

The General Assembly of the ASBL

The general assembly of an ASBL is composed of its effective members. It determines the general framework of the ASBL's activities, which are then implemented by the Board of Directors. Composition The General Assembly is composed of the members of the ASBL. Before each meeting of the General Assembly, all members are convened in accordance with the rules laid [...]

February 22nd, 2023|

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