Our Method

Over the years, our team’s high-quality legal ability has fed has much as it has been empowered by high-end client-focused delivery methods.

Historically, these methods have primarily relied on a constant quality improvement policy materializing in a compilation of our processes into a full-fledged practice manual. This has allowed us to build our standards and communicate around them. In return, this has empowered our firm with a project-based internal operational integration in which all team members are aware of the processes and share a same work ethic.

These methods now also associate innovative processes with state-of-the-art IT for greater intra-business or B2B communication. For example, our practice manual has now been injected into an internal wiki, allowing for a decentralized evolution. Second, we offer a complete range of e-services, with an original way for our client and team to access information. We also partner with our law firm management software developers by advising them on how to make the software evolve for meeting the challenges of the 21th century.. We look forward to deepen our cooperation with our IT partners, including AI partners and legal techs.

Beyond our practice manual and our innovative IT, our methods also integrate new ways to produce legal content : we are looking at the merits of collaborative law and the impact of visual law into a practice. Thereby, really aiming at changing not only the way legal content is communicated but the way it is produced.

All these efforts are directed at meeting challenges such as automating lower tasks, manage time and responsiveness while working in distance with team members and clients, onboarding them despite the distance in time, space and background, and offer creative pricing plans. Their goal is to help delivering efficient services, with increased added value for our clients.

Please note that this knowledge portal is still under development.


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