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We develop the following solutions:

The Extranet comprises two corners

The Customer Web Access is a highly secured and encrypted web-based service which supports the sharing of information and collaborative working with our clients. This includes access to documents, tasks, calendar, together with billing information.

The Knowledge Portal enables a user friendly access to informational content published on our website. This includes access to our e-services and knowledge base (Learning Management features, Microsites, templates, and e-facilitation). You can built our own legal database in it.

Our Knowledge Portal provides registered visitors to our website with informational content published on our website. This includes access to our e-services offer (Learning Management features, templates, and e-queries questionnaires) and the knowledge base described below. Read more.

Our E-lawyering activities apply e-learning and visual techniques to tailor made advisory. Concretely, in additional to traditional tools, we use videos, animations or quizzes and search for bigger visualization of the processes). This means a higher level of customization and different client experience.

Our global e-offering includes interactive experience, Animations, interactive Q&As and video clips.

E-lawyering is published on the Customer web access, offering encrypted protection, unless client wishes to publish on its own infrastructure. On demand we can also help the client webdesigner to create a tailormade portal and provide content (including legal graphic designs). E-lawyering is subject to specific terms and conditions.

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Published on 03 August 2020
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