Propelled by digitization and by the emergence of new media and graphic tools easily accessible to the layman, the use of visuals is spreading in the business world at all levels.  You only have to browse the internet to be convinced of this.

The legal world is no exception to the rule.

Associated with “clear language”, the visual allows for an original relationship to legal concepts and processes.  Offering a simpler and more user-friendly report, the visual allows the law lose a little of its “boring” side.  In a series of applications, the visual also allows for a great degree of nuance to be conveyed, thus shielding the law from excessive vulgarization.

Our firm has invested in this trend and is able to think in images and graphically represent legal information.  Thus, for example, all the diagrams and picto’s on this website have been made internally, either by a graphic designer in relation with lawyers or directly with lawyers.

The visuals have a privileged field of application in corporate housekeeping and compliance.

Here are some illustrations of the use of visual thinking in our legal practice.

The arms of the mindmap below are interactive. To see our achievements, click on the ends or on the center.

The above diagram was made during a conference given by the firm at an event organized by Wolters Kluwer.

For more information about our approach.

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