CRM – Capacity Remuneration Mechanism

////CRM – Capacity Remuneration Mechanism

CRM – Capacity Remuneration Mechanism

On 4 April 2019, the Belgian Parliament approved a Bill on the capacity remuneration mechanism (CRM). The CRM complements the existing energy markets and ensures that sufficient capacity is available to secure the supply of electricity.
This mechanism also meets the concerns of Belgian companies with the imminent nuclear phase-out by 2025. After all, a lot of people are wondering: Will there still be enough energy availability after the Belgian nuclear ‘exit’ to avoid blackouts at certain times?

For further information on the energy capacity auctions (of which the first round starts in the fourth quarter of 2021), I refer to the following Dutch explanation by ELIA (Belgian transmission system operator):  (last consulted on 08-07-2019)

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