Following the ongoing reform process in Belgium, the term “enterprise” now refers to commercial as well as non-profit organizations. Similarly, our expertise extends both to commercial companies and voluntary sector companies: the accomplishment of their business project is central to our practice.

We also advise their stakeholders, namely their executives and shareholders or members, and occasionally their family members, employees or other business partners.


e².law has developped a genuine expertise in the energy industry.

We strategically identified the energy sector to feed our development because this sector is currently experiencing a boom and because our firm has developed specif­ic and boutique knowledge which is innovative in the legal services market.

We focus in particular on the electricity industry, with particular expertise in renewable energies and network issues, including at EU level.

Additionally, we are keen to increase our proficiency in further sectors through long-term rela­tionships with our established clients.


A growing proportion of the cases entrusted to us present aspects connecting them to the legal rules of a state other than Belgium.

This is the inevitable consequence of and the constant growth of mobility and international trade. Space and time are effectively shrinking.

Our approach to development takes into account this reality and its implications in terms of an increasingly complex cross-border legal context.

Although established in Brussels, we are regularly consulted by companies located on several continents in connection with their activities in Europe.

e².law works primarily in English, French, Dutch and German.


An openness to original ways of doing things empowers’s legal practice.

The main values underlying our work ethic also permeate all our services:

  • We strive to help our clients implement their projects ;
  • We can swiftly mobilise the adequate expertise to handle complex cross-border cases, assisted where needed by our collaboration with external lawyers ;
  • Our pricing plans are not primarily based on time and hourly rates, and are cre­ative and flexible ;
  • Our processes and knowledge development are constantly monitored for quality control and improvement ;
  • We do not only think in (legal) words, but also make appropriate use of figures and images. We incorporate them into a modern service offering.